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Our policy

In the need for a development reconciling the economic and tourist uses and the preservation of the natural environment of the Port of Anse de la Réserve, an environmental policy has been developed since 2020.

This policy is based on 8 major pillars, which ensure its proper management:

  • The administration of the port in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • The implementation of measures to encourage waste separation.
  • The control and reduction of the consumption of natural and energy resources.
  • The prevention of the risk of pollution of the natural environment and the implementation of corrective measures in the event of such an incident.
  • The sensibilization of all the users of the port to the environmental stakes.
  • The training and empowerment of port personnel to ensure the proper implementation of this approach on a daily basis.
  • The communication of the actions carried out within the port to all its users.
  • The revision of the objectives at least once a year, taking into account the results obtained, but also the new needs emerging from the life of the port.
Consult the policy signed by Jean-Luc CHAUVIN