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Parking and security

L’Anse de la Réserve has two parking areas that can accommodate a total of 50 vehicles in a secure way. Thus, 36 spaces are available for boaters on the West side and 14 spaces on the East side.

Security and confidentiality are essential elements of the port, which allows it to guarantee its boaters and sports associations a peaceful daily use.

The port facilities such as a secure entrance with badges on both sides of the Anse de la Réserve, remote surveillance facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a guard system (reinforced during the summer), as well as the geography of the bay physically separated from the Vieux-Port, offer a better control of the latter and an overall serenity that results from it.

All these elements make the Port of Anse de la Réserve one of the safest harbours in the Marseilles bay, to the great pleasure of its yachtsmen and sports associations.