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A first success for the Apéro des Navig’Acteurs !

To mark the Fête de la Mer et des Littoraux, Anse de la Réserve organized its first Apéro des Navig’Acteurs, alongside the Union Nautique Marseillaise and the Ethabox and Ozo companies.

The aim of the Apéro des Navig’Acteurs is to give sailors the opportunity to meet local companies committed to sustainable boating, enabling them to discover concrete solutions to current and future boating challenges, in a festive atmosphere that encourages exchanges and proximity.

Specializing in the conversion of engines to Superethanol, Ethabox develops “turnkey” conversion kits that enable boat owners to operate their engines with ease. the transition. In addition, Ethabox also sells portable pumps for safe tank filling. For more information, see the Ethabox brochure below.

Ozo Electric markets electric outboard and inboard motors for boats. In addition to facilitating the switch to electric power, Ozo boat engines emit no direct pollution, making them more environmentally friendly than combustion engines. Like Ethanol, electric vehicles offer significant savings on fuel costs. For more information, see the Ozo brochure below.

Following the success of the first edition, the Port de l’Anse de la Réserve is looking forward to welcoming its sailors again in September for the second edition!