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The Anse de la Réserve celebrates the anniversary of the Metropolitan Business Act!

For the 4 years anniversary of the Metropolitan Business Act (MBA), CCIAMP’s business club that is allowing the local collaboration of the companies of the territory, the Anse de la Réserve has welcomed the leaders of VSE, SME and local contractors last June 22 in its marina.

What is the MBA? it is 1,300 members, including a hundred of major accounts, who meet regularly to build local business ambitions and thus support the players in the Aix-Marseille-Provence region. In 4 years of activity, the Metropolitan Business Act has already created more than 6,000 contacts and 500 opportunities, and future projects will undoubtedly contribute to the influence of the Metropolitan companies.

Proud of its exceptional geographical situation, the Anse de la Réserve is happy to open its marina to the territory’s actors and alongside taking part in the development of the local economy.

To learn more about the MBA, visit the Metropolitan Business Act website.